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With the growing healthcare demands, especially seen in this pandemic, there are currently more vaccine and biotherapeutic manufacturers than before to step up to the crucial requirement of speed, scale and supplies. With variety of bioreactors available in the market for development and manufacture of therapeutics, the major bottleneck to commercialization is the viability of a cell culture process in addressing scale-up and technology transfer.

Process developed on a bench scale bioreactor may meet the productivity and quality criteria, but this may not easily translate into a manufacturing process. This makes it critical to select a predictable, reproducible, robust development and manufacturing scale bioreactor platform. Additionally, a successful scale-up and technology transfer means a good understanding of the engineering aspects of the bioreactors to meet the demand of non-linear scale up parameters.

This webinar outlines the aspects of bioreactor design, characterization and scale-up of a single use stirred tank bioreactor and highlight the benefits that an advanced, flexible control system can bring to bench scale bioreactors; catering to both adherent and suspension cell culture processes.

Guest Speakers

Pankaj Salvi

Senior Bioreactor Applications Scientist,
Pall Corporation

Pankaj Salvi

Pankaj Salvi is a Senior Bioreactor Applications Scientist and a member of the Cell Culture Technologies team at Pall Biotech. Has been dedicated to training bioreactor customers and providing scientific consultancy and advice on the transfer of their processes into Pall bioreactor technologies and process optimization. Pankaj holds a Masters Degree in Microbiology form University of Pune and has over 13 years of experience, including positions at the Lupin Ltd. and Pall. Previously, Pankaj has worked for Lupin Ltd. as an Associate Scientist Process Development and in a techno-commercial role in Pall. Knowledgeable and skilled in Upstream and Downstream Process Development, Bioanalytics and cGMP with experience in upstream process development research on microbial and mammalian expression platforms..

Sateesh Kaginelli

Sr. Scientist Upstream Vaccines R&D,
Reliance Life Sciences

Dr. Ratnesh Jain

Head and Course Coordinator,
Bioprocess Technology, ICT, Mumbai

Dr. Ratnesh Jain

  • Post-doc lab(s): Saarland University, Germany and Helmholtz Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (HIPS), Germany
  • Institute: Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai
  • Present affiliation: Head and Course Coordinator, Bioprocess Technology, ICT, Mumbai
  • Brief about your research (Maximum 75-100 words): Our research interest primarily focused on biopharmaceutical product development. To achieve the same various subdomains such as protein production using mammalian cell culture (upstream bioprocessing), analytical characterization of biopharmaceuticals, nanomedicine manufacturing process development and 3D printing technology is being investigated. Primary aim of our research is to develop indigenous technology and to create innovative processes for affordable and accessible biopharmaceuticals. One of our long term aim is to make room temperature and orally stable protein and peptide drugs
  • No of research papers published/IPR generated, through fellowship grant: 50 Research Paper and 5 Patent
  • Additional information: Dr. Ratnesh Jain is recipient of BIRAC Innovator award, Humboldt Fellowship and Ramalingaswami Fellowship. Dr. Jain has demonstrated industry academia collaboration and have completed more then 50 sponsored Industry projects in last 10 year. He is also founder of WeTranslate and co-founder of Avay Bioscience, a 3D printing startup jointly found by IITM and ICT alumni. Dr. Jain also leading skill development and training program and organize one of the largest biopharmaceutical hands on training program called “BiosimilarWorkshop”

Who should attend


CXOs | VPs | Directors | Head | HODs

Research Scientists | Senior Scientists | Principal Scientists


R&D Department

Technology Transfer



Upstream Processing

What Will You Learn

  • Key differentiators & advantages of single use bioreactor system
  • Upstream Bioreactor Technology – Flexible technology meeting operational and manufacturing needs
  • Single use bioreactor system- key differentiators and advantages with usability
  • Engineering & Performance of the technology- oxygen transfer rate and mixing times
  • The scale up and technology transfer- engineering tools employed







Single use Bioreactors and Process optimization challenges

  • Types of Bioreactors
  • SUBs in Suspension culture (brief discussion)
  • SUBs in Adherent culture
  • Speaker : Sateesha Kaginelli, Sr.Scientist, Upstream Vaccines R&D, Reliance Life science


Digital Twin: Next Generation Bioreactor Control Technology

  • Bioprocess Digital Twins
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Cell Culture
  • Speaker : Dr. Ratnesh Jain, Head and Course Coordinator, Bioprocess Technology, ICT, Mumbai


Stirred Tank Bioreactor – Benchtop to Manufacturing

  • Single use bioreactor system- key differentiators and advantages with usability
  • Engineering & Performance of the technology- oxygen transfer rate and mixing times
  • The scale up and technology transfer- engineering tools employed
  • Speaker: Pankaj Salvi, Sr. Bioreactor Specialist, Pall Corporation



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