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Over the course of the last decade, we have witnessed the emergence of therapeutic antibodies, and more specifically, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) as one of the fastest-growing classes of pharmaceutical drugs.

It (along with recombinant proteins) has powered the growth of the biopharmaceuticals industry, and it is expected to grow to a market value of USD 496.71 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 7.32% over the forecast period 2021-2026. Notably, the global therapeutic monoclonal antibody market is expected to be valued at $300 billion by 2025.

Some significant trends that appear to be developing across the industry landscape include greater development of bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and companion diagnostics, which should help to identify the most appropriate patient populations for treatment. Additionally, new markets are expected to open up in growing economies. How companies respond to these scientific and business challenges will define their future as producers of innovative mAbs and Fc fusion proteins of the future.

Thus, interest in therapeutic monoclonal antibodies has piqued industry onlookers. This can perhaps be attributed to the incredible specificity made possible by mAbs, epitomising precision medicine via an incredibly flexible platform boasting numerous advantages. The greatest challenge before us now is to understand the underlying biology in order to ensure the efficacy of medical treatments, and usher in an entirely new generation of therapeutic agents built on the premise of molecular-targeting medicine.

Through the lens of a new knowledge platform, christened Futurescope, Bluetech Media aims to explore the Pharma Possibilities of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies. By shining a spotlight on this game-changing development, we seek to better understand its use cases, implications, and future horizons.

Guest Speakers

Anurag Tandon

Vice President – METAI & APAC
(Excl China & Japan) region
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Anurag Tandon

Anurag brings more than 30 years of multifunctional experience in his current role of Vice President , where he is responsible leading the commercial organization and driving growth.

He leads the LS council in India and has an extended role as a LSIG Director for India.

He has worked with Beckman Coulter Life sciences since 2016. Prior to joining Beckman Coulter, Anurag has worked in various organizations like Oxford Instruments, Mettler Toledo, Crompton Greaves and led various functions like Supply chain, product design, manufacturing and P&L.

Narendra Chirmule

Co-foundern & CEO

Symphony Tech Biologics

Narendra Chirmule

Narendra Chirmule is the co-founder and CEO of SymphonyTech Biologics, a data analytics company focused on engineering solutions to biology. He is the Chief Scientific Officer of a immunology-research services company, AcuImmune. As former Head of R&D at Biocon (Bangalore), and leadership positions in Amgen (Thousand Oaks, CA) and Merck Vaccines (West Point, PA), has contributed to clinical development of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. He did a PhD on development of a leprosy vaccine, from Cancer Research Institute, Mumbai; postdoctoral studies on pathogenesis of AIDS from Cornell University Medical CollegeNorth Shore Hospital, New York; teaching and research as assistant professor in gene therapy at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Dr. Chirmule is on the NIH advisory committee for HIV vaccines.

Dr. Ratnesh Jain

Head & Course Coordinator,

Bioprocess Technology, ICT, Mumbai

Dr. Ratnesh Jain

  • Post-doc lab(s): Saarland University, Germany and Helmholtz Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (HIPS), Germany
  • Institute: Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai
  • Present affiliation: Head and Course Coordinator, Bioprocess Technology, ICT, Mumbai
  • Brief about your research (Maximum 75-100 words): Our research interest primarily focused on biopharmaceutical product development. To achieve the same various subdomains such as protein production using mammalian cell culture (upstream bioprocessing), analytical characterization of biopharmaceuticals, nanomedicine manufacturing process development and 3D printing technology is being investigated. Primary aim of our research is to develop indigenous technology and to create innovative processes for affordable and accessible biopharmaceuticals. One of our long term aim is to make room temperature and orally stable protein and peptide drugs
  • No of research papers published/IPR generated, through fellowship grant: 50 Research Paper and 5 Patent
  • Additional information: Dr. Ratnesh Jain is recipient of BIRAC Innovator award, Humboldt Fellowship and Ramalingaswami Fellowship. Dr. Jain has demonstrated industry academia collaboration and have completed more then 50 sponsored Industry projects in last 10 year. He is also founder of WeTranslate and co-founder of Avay Bioscience, a 3D printing startup jointly found by IITM and ICT alumni. Dr. Jain also leading skill development and training program and organize one of the largest biopharmaceutical hands on training program called “BiosimilarWorkshop”

Dr. Niti M. Jetly

Application specialist,
Molecular Devices

Who should attend


CXO’s | VP’s | Sr.  Manager | Manager



R & D


Why Attend

This market space is dynamic, and we expect it to evolve rapidly and constantly. As such, the central questions that emerge will change over time with the advent of new developments.

With this context, we view this knowledge platform as essential for the advancement of the industry, and the expansion of knowledge bases at an individual level.

By undertaking periodic endeavours to decode the present & illuminate an ever-evolving future, we believe that delegates will be in pole position to imbibe insights across four key sources vital to advancing the cause of industry & society, namely:

  • Insights from august industry veterans.
  • Presentations by industry experts on the latest advancements.
  • Cutting-edge case studies and learnings from across the globe.
  • Analysing emerging opportunities and future implications.

Gaining an in-depth knowledge of these myriad facets from across the industry landscape will give delegates an upper hand to outperform peers & innovate relentlessly.







Beckman Coulter Life Sciences



  • Decoding the dramatic impact of monoclonal antibodies on the biopharma landscape and what it portends for the future of human health
  • Elucidating novel approaches to the development of therapeutic antibodies, such as antibody-drug conjugates, bispecific antibodies (bsAbs), and multispecific antibodies (msAbs)
  • Understanding the proprietary tools and techniques available to modify and tailor them for deployment in the innovative therapies of the present and future
  • NARENDRA CHIRMULE – Co-foundern & CEO Symphony Tech Biologics



  • Primary Structure of mAbs
  • Higher Order structure of mAbs
  • Analytical methods employed for mAb structural elucidation
  • DR. RATNESH JAIN – Head & Course Coordinator, Bioprocess Technology, ICT, Mumbai



  • Monoclonal antibodies are groundbreaking and fall under the immunotherapy category. They are made by cells in culture to treat very specific dideases. The major role is to detect and neutralize foreign substances such as viruses, bacteria or cancer cells.
  • Use of Monoclonal Antibodies is a true therapeutic revolution and the results obtained are extremely encouraging in many disease areas like Oncology, autoimmune diseases and quite a few. The challenge is to contend with in several fields of medicine, side effects and some patients not responding to these immunotherapies.
  • Potential combination of different monoclonal antibodies against different antigens will open additional possibilities to treat refractive diseases. Under Danaher Hat, the Life Science OpCos offer a range of products perfectly aligning with each process in mAB workflow. At Danaher we cater to Innovation and continuous improvement clearly reflected in the products offered.
  • DR. NITI M. JETLY – Application specialist, Molecular Devices




Closing Remarks by BlueTech Media

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